Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent a Jeep Rubicon?
Jeep Rubicon is the most capable Jeep to ever roll off the assembly line. The Rubicon comes equipped with lockers front and rear, Dana 44 axles, Rocker panel protection, and Mud terrain tires. With all the great features Jeep has put into the Rubicon, Cliffhanger goes one step further and adds a 3 inch lift for more capablility off road.

What kind of deposit is required?
Phone Reservations – We require a $100 deposit upon reservation.  When you arrive, your credit card is run for the price of the rental (depending on the amount of days).
Online Reservations – Using our online booking service, you will pay for the entire rental up front.
Cancellation Policy – We have a seven day cancellation policy. Any reservations canceled prior to the 7 day cancellation period will receive a full refund minus a $20 processing charge.

What information will I need when I come to rent the Jeep?
You will need a current driver’s license, your insurance card, a major credit card, and the driver’s license number of any other additional driver that will be driving the jeep. The credit card and insurance card must have the same name as the person renting the jeep.

What happens if I damage a jeep?
While the Jeep is rented to you, it is basically your vehicle.  You will be responsible to pay for any damage that is done to the vehicle while in your possession.  We do offer a tire and glass coverage for $25.00 per day that will cover the repair/replacement of 1 tire, and any glass damage. If you take it slow and are careful there shouldn’t be any problems.

What’s the age requirement to rent a Jeep?
25 years of age is the minimum requirement, and due to insurance reasons there are no exceptions.

It’s my first time driving a Jeep Off-Road what should I watch for? The main thing to remember and pay attention to is your speed, not the guy on the rocks yelling “More gas less brake!” Take it slow. Make sure to watch where you are going, and pay attention to obstacle approach angles. Following these basic suggestions will insure you with a fun safe trip.

What are my chances of getting lost?
You should have no problem if you stay on the trail. The trails are easy to find, and are marked well throughout the entire trail. We stress the fact that you must stay on the trail, not only for your safety, but it is also against the law, and you can be fined.

How difficult are the trails?
There are trails for everyone, from the beginner to the professional. Trails range from gravel/dirt roads to semi difficult runs, to terrain that is virtually impassible in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Are there short trails, or should I plan a full day for each trail?
There are some short trails which last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, but the majority of the trails take the most of the day. How long it takes to finish a trail depends completely on how much time you choose to spend playing, hiking, and picture taking.

Are there any trails in Moab that are prohibited?
Yes, we do prohibit some trails, and we do this to protect both you as our customer, and our Jeeps. We ask that you not take our Jeeps on these trails due to the likely nature that damage will occur. Some of the trails that are prohibited are: Behind the Rocks, Golden Spike, Pritchett Canyon, Moab Rim, Area BFE, and Rusty Nail. This is not a complete list. Please call us at 435-259-0889 if you do not see a trail either here or on our recommended trails page.

When is Moab ‘s Jeep Season?
Moab ‘s Jeep season begins around the middle of March and runs through October.  Advanced reservations are necessary to make sure we can get you a Jeep the day you need it.

What is Easter Jeep Safari?
Moab Easter Jeep Safari is the highlight of the year for Jeep lovers all over the world. It is an organized event, where the local 4-wheel club guides trails, and organize meetings for all Jeepers alike. There are thousands of people in town, and it is a very congested, fun filled week.

Are the jeeps for sale at the end of the season?
Yes, the jeeps are for sale at the end of the season, if you are interested in buying a jeep, contact us.


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